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In His Secret Life

In His Secret Life - Mel Bossa Okay, enough, I'm sobbing like a baby and I can't stop thinking about this book. I can't stop thinking about the characters and about how sincere or truthful it is. We are such flawed human beings, and yet we expect perfection from those we love. When they disappoint or betray us, we punish them, and make whatever was the issue about us instead of the people that were involved in the equation because we see it through the filter of what affects us.
I loved that this book gave us those different perspectives, the pettiness, the selfishness, the need of finding a guilty party, demanding a sacrifice that probably we wouldn't demand of ourselves, followed by more punishment and guilt until the guilty parties are consumed by unhappiness and stagnation. Oh those years of stagnation - years of being afraid of being hurt or destroyed again, years of not believing in ourselves, years of waiting to see if we have finally paid enough to be worthy of a happily-ever-after to finally realize that at the end, the only thing they truly needed was to believe in themselves because some loves are just meant to be. (gag) Shoot me! I just became a romantic...