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Point of No Return

Point of No Return - N.R. Walker I had started this book, and had set it aside to finish later. The beginning of this book was slow and my interest started to wander. I blame it on my ADD and my cat-like personality which gets distracted with new shiny things (aka new releases, making it difficult to finish a book that hasn't immediately grabbed me.

In contemporaries cops, private eyes and agents are my favorite characters, but I like them tough,strong and determined. At the beginning of our story, the actions and language used by our closeted detective showed him as being a tough-cookie, but once he got romantically involved there was crying, trembling and blushing. His reactions became feminine and that, for me, detracted from the story. That's not counting that I found the suspense of the story too pat and contrived.

I liked the characters. They were gorgeous individually as well as a couple. In that, Ms. Walker shines.