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Meet Me in the Middle

Meet Me in the Middle - L.A. Witt Of the three stories in this series, this is the least that I have liked BY FAR! The title of this book is "Meet Me in the Middle," but Dale goes way beyond the middle, and that's where I had a problem with this book because I couldn't buy their relationship. Unbalanced relationships never work. Someone is going to get hurt. Someone is going to feel insecure, and resentment will set in. At 90% of this book Dale was scared and in pain. He still was feeling insecure and was going to have it out with Adam, and that is when Adam does "the big gesture." He states clearly to all and sundry that Adam is the man he loves. Regretfully, by this time that was a little too late for me, and besides I didn't even like him.

If I take this book as a tale of friendship, then it's a pleasant book, but as a romance, for me, it was a failure.