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A Casual Weekend Thing

A Casual Weekend Thing - A.J.  Thomas This story started really good. I was having fun with it, but at the end, I was just disapointed.

Peter and Dough were likable characters and their chemistry was off the charts. The initial plot seemed interesting and I was looking forward to a tight suspense -and that's where, for me, the problems developed. The story kept jumping from the character's relationship and personal development to suspense and back and forth. It was not done well or smoothly. It was jarring and that's not counting the amount of details that the author fed us as information which could have been trimmed or eliminated to keep the story flowing. That's not counting a series of actions that I felt were illogical from our characters, especially because they were experienced cops. By the time the story caught up to the ending and/or suspense I was not interested, so that part of the story -for me- was a failure.