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The Red Heart

The Red Heart - Isabelle Rowan I don't usually give 5 stars to stories, especially if they are short stories, but this story touched me deeply.

There isn't a single sentence wasted on this story-each sentence has meaning. They are there for a reason -either to give us a meaning, a feeling or just to convey a deeper message. That's quite an accomplishment for an author to give the reader a message that they can find or translate through their own experiences, or because of their own experiences.

I fell in love with these characters, probably because as different as they are they truly are two halves of a whole. Dan is an "ex-junky" who's not even sure he will make it to his next birthday. Sam is an ex-soldier whose experiences have left him living his own hell, daily. They are broken. Empty. Feeling lost and scared...Yet together it is their strengths and weaknesses that will help them to make it through their journey.

Yes, there is a journey, and this short story shows us that it isn't a place, but the journey that is important. I took the journey willingly with this author and it took me places I wasn't expecting. There is a time for thinking, a time for worrying and doing something about it, and there's a time for doubting and a time for celebration, for hearing music and dancing. That's what I got from this story and that's why I gave it 5 stars.