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All Kinds of Tied Down

All Kinds of Tied Down - Mary Calmes I've decided that Mary Calmes is a magician. She's the only author that can get away with a combination of familiar characters and a predictable plot. And yet, it works. Well. And only for her.

It's a new story, but we already know these characters and plot. It's like falling into a cozy, comfortable blanket where the only thing we have to do is enjoy the ride. But what isn't there to enjoy? We have hot, dangerous heroes, a suspensefull action-packed plot, familiar strong friendships and a cast of friends that are endearing, and most of all, the female characters don't suck. They are strong, loyal and aggressive, and I'm very grateful that she's one of those authors that takes the time to create positive women who aren't the hateful, bigoted, psycho bitch.

So about this story. Yeah, this one is good. It's hot and sexy. Emotional and sentimental. And I loved it~