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I Survived Seattle

I Survived Seattle - J.K. Hogan I was having a lot of fun with this book. I enjoyed the characters, and the quirky plot that came with them. And it would have been a solid 3.5 rating if it weren't that the over piling of drama tumbled this story into a melodrama, including a slightly over-the-top villain that seemed one-dimensional, especially because his only reason for hating Justice was that he had been chosen as the best man for Rory's wedding. Jealousy aside, this reason seemed petty.

Nevertheless, I Survived Seattle has two extremely likable heroes, one of them a klutzy, quirky, panic-stricken, neurotic, lovable guy, and the other, a sympathetic, protective, oh-so-sexy stud which can seem to keep their hands off each other. And I don't blame them.

On a final note, this is a debut novel, so I expect that with a little bit of polishing this author will be someone to watch - and read.