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Home the Hard Way
Z.A. Maxfield
The Last Thing He Needs
J.H. Knight
A Threefold Cord
Julie Bozza
Think Of England
K.J. Charles

Count Your Blessings

Count Your Blessings - Amelia Mann 3.5

Nice story on what blessings (or sorrows) a family can bring. I liked it.

In the Blaze of His Hungers

In the Blaze of His Hungers - Dominique Frost 3.5

Hot, unapologetic, smut-filled story which left me quite entertained.

Good With Dragons

Good With Dragons - Hollis Shiloh 3.5 sniffs*

Sugar and Sawdust

Sugar and Sawdust - Debbie McGowan 2.5 see Dani's review

I kept looking at the picture for the prompt. The older man is seriously ripped, but those briefs are not hiding a foot-long c*ck. And our sweet, younger bottom didn't get to bottom. *pouting*

Lab Rat's Love

Lab Rat's Love  - Ana J. Phoenix I didn't enjoy this story. I never warmed up to the characters nor was I able to buy into a relationship between these heroes because I considered their relationship more like a dependency or a case of using each other until it supposedly their feelings deepened into something else. I think Nex was too vulnerable, too broken to be able to have a real relationship. He was battling drug and alcohol addictions. He used gambling and sex to enable him to cope with life and dull the pain. Kane, our other hero, had been in love with his twin brother, and I never warmed to him because I felt that he was using Nex more than loving him.

There was some BDSM thrown into the mix, but I found the scenes uninspiring. I'm disappointed. I wanted a romance, and I didn't get it.

Wake Me Up Inside

Wake Me Up Inside - Cardeno C. This book was part of my DNF shelf which I've been trying for a while to finish in what I call "my second chance" books. In the case of this one, I feel I deserve a trophy because this story was full of pet peeves that I usually don't tolerate -excessive amount of a pet name, Blondie, really?? Excessive amount of flashbacks to the point that I wasn't sure if it was past, present or what. The only way I could make it was by flipping those pages because technically speaking this book failed me. I wouldn't have minded a prologue or if the book started in the past, then moved forward, but having the 1st chapter in the present, then second chapter and subsequent chapters in the past, then switching between present and past was annoying. That's not counting the amount of telling, the self-sacrificing hero, and the amount of sex in lieu of a plot which I wanted more details of - It isn't satisfying when what is supposed to be the conflict in the story is rushed in a couple of lines or paragraph, dismissed quickly for "let's have sex!"

Hey, but at least I finished and I don't feel as much as a failure with another DNF, and I will continue to trim down that DNF shelf.

The Art of Touch

The Art of Touch - Dominique Frost 3.5

Lesser of Two Evils

Lesser of Two Evils - J.M. Snyder Re-read 8/4/2014

The reason why I like this little "almost" story is because it reminds me of my sons. Whenever they wanted to give me some news that they knew would be explosive, they would relate it fast, then follow it through with something even more unpalatable. To say that this type of manipulation can be successful is an understatement -like it happened in this story- but then again, I guess it is because my kids lived to become adults and now I get to watch with glee when their own children to the same to them. Pure justice...

I Survived Seattle

I Survived Seattle - J.K. Hogan I was having a lot of fun with this book. I enjoyed the characters, and the quirky plot that came with them. And it would have been a solid 3.5 rating if it weren't that the over piling of drama tumbled this story into a melodrama, including a slightly over-the-top villain that seemed one-dimensional, especially because his only reason for hating Justice was that he had been chosen as the best man for Rory's wedding. Jealousy aside, this reason seemed petty.

Nevertheless, I Survived Seattle has two extremely likable heroes, one of them a klutzy, quirky, panic-stricken, neurotic, lovable guy, and the other, a sympathetic, protective, oh-so-sexy stud which can seem to keep their hands off each other. And I don't blame them.

On a final note, this is a debut novel, so I expect that with a little bit of polishing this author will be someone to watch - and read.


Inspiration - Henrietta Clarke Re-read 8/4/2014 still adorable.

Technically Dating

Technically Dating - Jena Wade Nice story.

Just one niggle: the conflict in this story was based on a lame misunderstanding. By pass that and you have an easy, fluffy, angst-free story with two adorable characters that get their happy ending. I liked it very much.

Brothers in Arms (The Broken Road Cafe #2)

Brothers in Arms (The Broken Road Cafe #2) - T.A. Webb That ending... Mr. Webber knows how to write an ending.

This book is an emotional roller coaster ride. There is laughter, and sniggers, and at times, a lot of tears. But they were worth it because throughout this book -no matter what was happening- there was a strong core of hope and faith in your fellow man that shone brightly. It's what the old folks used to call "the silver lining" and it's something that this author seems to know well -for every depraved and hateful act committed by prejudice, hate or pure evil, there is someone that counteracts with brave actions of charity, love and acceptance.

And that, my friend, is something worth believing in.

Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time - A.M. Arthur I wavered between a 2.5 and a 3 for this book, probably because I expected better from this author, and this story didn't reach me as much as other stories from her.

I think this story suffered from having too many themes. You have an abuse them that is mentioned, but not explored until about 80% of the book, and it was more narration than anything else. It is also the reason why Ezra is such a fanatic about being in control and why he prefers hook-ups to having a relationship -that is until Donner brings those limits down not only with his acceptance, but with his magic penis. Yeah, the magic penis strikes again -yeieie!

You also have the theme, and the slight preachiness of how we waste food that can be saved, and especially used to feed the homeless and needy, and thus, the theme of Street Feed is explored. At one point, I thought that Street Feed had taken priority over the relationship between our heroes. There is also a theme of zero judgement and acceptance for people (the homeless and the needy) and between family members. There is a plot running and tied at the end between Donner's step brother that is a homophobic jerk, plus the family pet trauma, the rescue of Romy, Ezra's friend, and the confrontation between Donner and Ezra's father which reminded me of the scene from Dirty Dancing--"nobody puts Baby in the corner"--left me cold because it was clear that these devices were more about tying lose ends than any emotional impact. This, though, didn't detract of the hot, sexy scenes between our heroes -scenes that Ms. Arthur writes extremely well. Steamy is the word that could describe these scenes, and I enjoyed them as well.

I can only say that A.M. Arthur's writing was competent, and that for me, this story was average, but not satisfying as the type of story that I expect from this wonderful author.

Sweet Giordan, Please Remember (Hearts in Reverie #1)

Sweet Giordan, Please Remember (Hearts in Reverie #1) - Raine O'Tierney See Riayl's review


Blood Tells

Blood Tells - Rachel White 3.5
This author is quickly becoming one of my favorite mm fantasy authors.

Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love - Nico Jaye 3.5 a fluffy little story that is a pure joy to read.