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Home the Hard Way
Z.A. Maxfield
The Last Thing He Needs
J.H. Knight
A Threefold Cord
Julie Bozza
Think Of England
K.J. Charles
Z.A. Maxfield
Julie Bozza
K.J. Charles
August 2014
read and rated
reviewed: Count Your Blessings
3.5Nice story on what blessings (or sorrows) a family can bring. I liked it.
Count Your Blessings - Amelia Mann
reviewed: In the Blaze of His Hungers
3.5Hot, unapologetic, smut-filled story which left me quite entertained.
In the Blaze of His Hungers - Dominique Frost
August 2014
reviewed: Good With Dragons
3.5 sniffs*
Good With Dragons - Hollis Shiloh
August 2014
reviewed: Sugar and Sawdust
2.5 see Dani's reviewI kept looking at the picture for the prompt. The older man is seriously ripped, but those briefs are no...
Sugar and Sawdust - Debbie McGowan
reviewed: Lab Rat's Love
I didn't enjoy this story. I never warmed up to the characters nor was I able to buy into a relationship between these heroes...
Lab Rat's Love  - Ana J. Phoenix
August 2014
reviewed: I Survived Seattle
I was having a lot of fun with this book. I enjoyed the characters, and the quirky plot that came with them. And it would hav...
I Survived Seattle - J.K. Hogan
reviewed: Wake Me Up Inside
This book was part of my DNF shelf which I've been trying for a while to finish in what I call "my second chance" books. In t...
Wake Me Up Inside - Cardeno C.
reviewed: The Art of Touch
The Art of Touch - Dominique Frost
reviewed: Lesser of Two Evils
Re-read 8/4/2014The reason why I like this little "almost" story is because it reminds me of my sons. Whenever they wanted to...
Lesser of Two Evils - J.M. Snyder
August 2014
reviewed: Inspiration
Re-read 8/4/2014 still adorable.
Inspiration - Henrietta Clarke
reviewed: Technically Dating
Nice story.Just one niggle: the conflict in this story was based on a lame misunderstanding. By pass that and you have an eas...
Technically Dating - Jena Wade
reviewed: Brothers in Arms (The Broken Road Cafe #2)
That ending... Mr. Webber knows how to write an ending. This book is an emotional roller coaster ride. There is laughter, and...
Brothers in Arms (The Broken Road Cafe #2) - T.A. Webb
August 2014
reviewed: Maybe This Time
I wavered between a 2.5 and a 3 for this book, probably because I expected better from this author, and this story didn't rea...
Maybe This Time - A.M. Arthur
August 2014
reviewed: Sweet Giordan, Please Remember (Hearts in Reverie #1)
See Riayl's reviewhttps://www.goodreads.com/review/show/891781389?book_show_action=true&page=1
Sweet Giordan, Please Remember (Hearts in Reverie #1) - Raine O'Tierney
reviewed: Blood Tells
3.5This author is quickly becoming one of my favorite mm fantasy authors.
Blood Tells - Rachel White
reviewed: Punch-Drunk Love
3.5 a fluffy little story that is a pure joy to read.
Punch-Drunk Love - Nico Jaye