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Wake Me Up Inside

Wake Me Up Inside - Cardeno C. This book was part of my DNF shelf which I've been trying for a while to finish in what I call "my second chance" books. In the case of this one, I feel I deserve a trophy because this story was full of pet peeves that I usually don't tolerate -excessive amount of a pet name, Blondie, really?? Excessive amount of flashbacks to the point that I wasn't sure if it was past, present or what. The only way I could make it was by flipping those pages because technically speaking this book failed me. I wouldn't have minded a prologue or if the book started in the past, then moved forward, but having the 1st chapter in the present, then second chapter and subsequent chapters in the past, then switching between present and past was annoying. That's not counting the amount of telling, the self-sacrificing hero, and the amount of sex in lieu of a plot which I wanted more details of - It isn't satisfying when what is supposed to be the conflict in the story is rushed in a couple of lines or paragraph, dismissed quickly for "let's have sex!"

Hey, but at least I finished and I don't feel as much as a failure with another DNF, and I will continue to trim down that DNF shelf.