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Forever Under a Rainbow

Forever Under a Rainbow - Posy Roberts See Meep for an in-deph review.

There was a lot of ruminations and deep thinking on this story, a lot of telling to make sense of what the reader was supposed to understand or buy. BUT I couldn't buy the connection between this couple. I felt that Bridger-from the beginning-was the one that fought for this relationship while Stone gave up too easily. We are also supposed to believe that these young men were satisfied with their conversations, their walks in the park, watching movies and going out with friends more than sex because that had never been a priority for them. Kissing and cuddling was as satisfying as having sex, so when they discovered that they were sexually incompatible, they found a way to make it work. Toys!

I'm a romantic, and I want to believe that if you love someone no matter the problem, it can get worked out, but when it's such an intimate part of yourself, and of your life, you better pray that you discover that type of incompatibility when you're -oh lets say 81? or so...