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The Archers of Kynthos

The Archers of Kynthos - K.M. Harty My second tentacle story of the day, and another one that I did not enjoy. Both stories lacked any sensuality in the sex scenes, so it's killing the tentacle genre for me. In this story it is even worse because it is a full frontal attack with a violent rape, a complete feeling of hopeless and helplessness, and a true lack of morality, sympathy, and humanity that seems to be the core of cult groups gone wrong. Our hero, Marcus, is completely dehumanized. He is just a vessel to be used, so that the next demi-god can be born. He is nothing, and they make it quite clear to him. That he was betrayed by the man he loved was the icing on the cake, especially because psychotic Brian was kosher with the beatings and the rapes, and still demanded loyalty, love and adoration from Brian, telling him how he should act, how he should feel, when and what he would eat, what he could wear and what he could say. That Marcus ended up married to Brian was the most frightening part of the book for me.

It's been a while since I have hated a story so much. I won't rate it because it held my attention from beginning to end. But did I enjoy it? Hell, no. Would I read it again? Categorically no. And now I think I'm going to have a glass of wine and cuddle in the sofa with my blankie.