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We the Calari of Calar III

We the Calari of Calar III - Wart Hill 2.5 rating.


naaaah, tentacles...

It could have been so good, but it wasn't--and the sex sucked--no pun intended. The sex scenes lacked sensuality and any type of emotional connection, plus our human hero changed his attitude too rapidly without any explanation which shows clearly the lack of relationship development or I blinked and I missed it.

On the positive side, this author CAN write. The barebones of the story are fascinating. I loved the world he created and would have loved to know more, especially because the Calamari, er, sorry, the Calari were at the point of extinction (no clue why), so if Hill decides to expand this story, adding some sensuality to the sex scenes which were truly lacking, it could probably be a good story because Sea, our sad, sensitive tentacle monster was no monster at all. I liked him!