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With This Ring, I Thee...Oh, Sh*t!

With This Ring, I Thee...Oh, Sh*t! - Dane Waters I chose this book because this author had written a story that I had liked very much, "Falling in Love with Crazy." To say that this story is nothing like his previous book is an understatement. I read it a couple of days ago and I still don't know what to say about it. The characters from the psychotic, gun-toting father-in-law-to-be to the supposedly mousy turn Diva bride and her big-haired, loud-mouthed, annoying Texas-stereotyped bridesmaids with their "Texas thickened" accents were too incredible to believe, and that's not counting the dreamy gay cowboy who is the brother-in-law-to-be. Then we have the bridegroom who is gay and for the life of me, I still can't understand why he was getting married in the first place.

The reason for the brother leaving the ranch was dark, and in such a light, over-the-top comedy it seemed jarring when it took that type of turn. You wanted to hurt the psychotic bastard that had hurt Leo (the brother). Maybe that is the best way to describe this story, a psychotic comedy with a touch of the dark with some over-the-top stereotyped characters.

That doesn't mean that I didn't like it. I had an amount of laugh-out-loud moments, and Leo and Dean were amazingly likable characters. But the bride? oh geez...and oh yeah, I forgot there's infidelity from both, the bride and the groom, but since both were using the other, I couldn't even raise my moral outrage much, plus the bride was an idiot of monumental proportions.