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Splinters - Thorny Sterling If you want to read a parody, er, comedy full of stereotyped Texans, with an appalling, ignorant accent thicker than molasses, then partner, head to this book. Well Bless their little hearts, they can't help that they're ignorant and bigots, but when our couple gets together all is forgotten.

This one definitely was not for me. After a while, the snarky humor and what passed as a mystery left me cold because I could see it a mile away. DNF for me.

Edited to say: I hate stereotyped characters. I have lived in Texas for more than 20 years, and I have not met a single person like the ones in this book -and I did date cowboys. I went through a phase...hm, never mind -the point is stereotypes are a pet peeve particularly of mine, but combined with the headache of hell that I've had today, makes me even more sensitive. Parodies and comedies are subjective. Not everyone shares the same sense of humor or sense of the ridiculous, and in this case, this one, for me, was a miss.