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Stitch (gothika #1)

Stitch (gothika #1) - Eli Easton, Jamie Fessenden, Sue  Brown, Kim Fielding I started reading this anthology a while back, but had not finished it. Here are my impressions:

Kim Fielding's Golen won my heart. Our creature was made only for one purpose, the ability to defend with violence, but our Golen had such "human" characteristics like curiosity, the appreciation for music, and specifically for one voice--as well as joy, wonder, sadness, happiness, and last but not least, love. I adored this story. It seemed longer than it was and it "felt" complete. 5 stars.

Fessenden's Watchwork is a very well researched Steampunk story. A multilayered logical story that shows the skill of this author on leaving no stone unturned, no errors or plot holes. I admire this very much. I once heard a well known editor state that no author should overestimate or underestimate the reader, and he does that skillfully. We understand exactly what our creature is and we understand the emotional and moral dilemma. 4 stars.

Eli's Easton's Reparation is heartbreaking and hopeful. The title of this story is perfect for the content. Our creature used to be a man, a man that has been wiped and recreated for service as part of his sentence --that this sentence is for life is obvious, but when necessity involves a decent treatment for our cyborg what made him a man starts to awaken-- and then appreciation, loyalty, and love are not far behind, especially since there's a conspiracy that puts them in danger. 4 stars.

Sue Brown's Made for Aaron is an emotional tale and in that Sue Brown shines. The story lacked the foundation or worldbuilding required for this type of anthology. BUT I still enjoyed it. 3 stars.