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Salvage - Con Riley The first time I tried to read this book, I set it aside because I found it gloomy and depressing. I also questioned where was the romance which is the genre that I like most to read. If I had to categorize this book, I'd place it in the gay fiction genre. The story is more about family, friends and the trials of life than anything else. At times I thought the author piled it up a bit too much. You have the trial of a son having to leave his ambitions behind to return home to a father who has a serious illness, and a supposedly bad relationship between them. You have the tragedy of a loving sister who was left disabled for what was an accident, but one that our hero feels guilty about. You have the trial of a young uncle (the other hero) having to take over his niece and nephew because his sister is in jail, and one of those children is an autistic child. You have also the tragedy of the best friend, and I won't go into that. It was just too much. All that drama and gloom. BUT there's good writing here and there are great full-fleshed characters that made this story worth reading. So yeah, this time I'm glad I pushed through and finished it. Would I read it again? No...