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Maybe This Time

Maybe This Time - A.M. Arthur I wavered between a 2.5 and a 3 for this book, probably because I expected better from this author, and this story didn't reach me as much as other stories from her.

I think this story suffered from having too many themes. You have an abuse them that is mentioned, but not explored until about 80% of the book, and it was more narration than anything else. It is also the reason why Ezra is such a fanatic about being in control and why he prefers hook-ups to having a relationship -that is until Donner brings those limits down not only with his acceptance, but with his magic penis. Yeah, the magic penis strikes again -yeieie!

You also have the theme, and the slight preachiness of how we waste food that can be saved, and especially used to feed the homeless and needy, and thus, the theme of Street Feed is explored. At one point, I thought that Street Feed had taken priority over the relationship between our heroes. There is also a theme of zero judgement and acceptance for people (the homeless and the needy) and between family members. There is a plot running and tied at the end between Donner's step brother that is a homophobic jerk, plus the family pet trauma, the rescue of Romy, Ezra's friend, and the confrontation between Donner and Ezra's father which reminded me of the scene from Dirty Dancing--"nobody puts Baby in the corner"--left me cold because it was clear that these devices were more about tying lose ends than any emotional impact. This, though, didn't detract of the hot, sexy scenes between our heroes -scenes that Ms. Arthur writes extremely well. Steamy is the word that could describe these scenes, and I enjoyed them as well.

I can only say that A.M. Arthur's writing was competent, and that for me, this story was average, but not satisfying as the type of story that I expect from this wonderful author.