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Guys on Top

Guys on Top - Darien Cox This book is more complicated than I thought. It is messy and complicated like life. It speaks about relationships, the healthy and unhealthy ones. It talks about connections and friendships, and the things we endure to keep people in our lives even when they become hurtful or destructive. It speaks about when it's time to recognize that it's over -that you have to let it go.

There were so many things that I liked about this book. It's funny and charming. It's emotional and hurtful, and at times destructive, but more than anything it was highly entertaining. I was not one single moment bored. I inhaled every word, every page and every single funny, witty remark made by these characters. I wanted them to be my friends. I wanted to party with them. And that included Corey who I thought was a self-centered, manipulative, cruel diva who left a path of destruction without any compulsion or need for reparation. At the end, there was more to Corey than that, and oh how would I love to dwell in that psyche of his. That's my only regret in this story. I would have loved to know more about Corey. He's a fascinating character, one that deserves his own story...