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The Skinny on Love

The Skinny on Love - Fyn Alexander At the beginning of this story, I started to dislike one of the characters, John, who seemed too judgmental and extremely disciplined with a streak of cruelty and intolerance which annoyed me.

On the other side of the equation we have a teddy bear of a man, kind and sweet, overweight, unhealthy, and addicted to food. Talking about extremes, this was not a match in heaven. Yet Fyn manages to show through this story that we are the sum of all parts, past, present and future, and that these tortured men had dealt with their traumatic childhood in different directions, and maybe because of that or in spite of that, they'd make the perfect couple. Never had "lean on me" on a story matter so much.

I loved this story. It is not a simple story, though at times it seemed to be. It is the story of two traumatized men who found each other, and by connecting to their past, and learning to lean on each other, found their happily ever after.