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Everything I Know

Everything I Know - Josh Lanyon 3 stars for an average story, and 1/2 point more for great writing.

I didn't love this book as I usually do with any Josh Lanyon story. Please see Santera's review about what seemed to me -a plot hole. Plus the resolution between Connor and Wes was too fast and left me unsatisfied. I needed more. Wes seemed too quick to judge and dismiss, first with the accident, and later with the relationship between him and poor, sweet Connor. To hell with him. I needed blood and guts, and more groveling.

Still, Lanyon is a pleasure to read because this author is exceptional in writing and I don't take lightly how easy it is to sink into one of her stories because of crafting well-turned out sentences, punctuation and grammar. This author chooses wisely each word. There's no extra padding, no clunky writing and no guessing.