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Ghosts of Bourbon Street

Ghosts of Bourbon Street - Rowan Speedwell 3.5

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I want more! This book has such a lazy, sexy, vibrant, melancholic ambiance to it--the type of vibe that you can recognize if you've visited the Big Easy. Paul, our bartender, has been existing -not living- letting the days go by until he wakes up and looks "first, pass the feet, then pass the knees" of one dancer - Michael, our sexy, sweet and vulnerable accountant by day, dancer by night. Both of them are at a point of their lives where they need to make changes - Paul because he's just existing, and Michael because he finally takes the step to end a bad relationship and move forward. It's because they meet that finally they take that step, and when they come together, The Big Easy and it's ghosts sigh. I did too!

Speedwell needs to give us more of Paul and Michael because this book is just a beginning, and I want to know where this couple is going as well as what happens to Dex, the ex that seems to be a tragic figure, an alcoholic that has become destructive and abusive perhaps because of his own demons.