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Bite Me Tender

Bite Me Tender - Kate Lowell At more than 65% of this book, I couldn't push myself anymore to finish. I absolutely hated it! I hated the characters, and I hated the plot. But still I pushed through until I finished.

We have an established couple, a witch and a wolf, which seem to have their set of problems because both had been out of control before being a couple. We know this because the author told us this in the backstory though I would have loved if we had been shown instead of told.


I hated all about the tax, accounting and billing references I hated how many times the term dog and mongrel -terms used for werewolves- were used in this story. I hated the references to Rover, butt-snifing etc. The author might have tried for funny or playful, but this didn't come across when even the grandmother used it as a sign of disrespect or insult. I hated the pack politics and the pack dynamics perse. I hated that this book had infidelity as an issue to convert a wolf. If I would have known that it was part of the book, I would not have chosen it. I hated that Levy, the werewolf, considered Glyn, our witch, selfish, a Diva because he would not compromise in letting him f*ck Connor. How dare he... I hated that Glyn felt the need to justify how he felt as being a "witchy" thing since witches don't share. Dammit, if you're in a committed relationship you are not the one in the wrong and have no need to find excuses for not letting your partner f*ck another. To top it all, Levy "nobly" stated that they could share Connor IF that's what it took to make Glyn happy. Whaaat???

I could still count more ways how I hated this book and characters, but two things stand even more. One is that Glyn backed down and stated that in a couple of months it will be ok to bring Connor to their bed. This was stated before and after Glyn turned wolf and the other one is how the grandmother manipulated all of these events to take vengeance on McCourt, the man she hated.

Rant over.