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The Trouble With Tony

The Trouble With Tony - Eli Easton I had a blast with this book. I'm serious, I peed on myself laughing. The one liners were coming to and fro. The only phrase not included in the book was "badabin, badaboom!" I learned about hiding the salami, the picky penis and more. And then you have these likable characters, Tony, our ex-cop, Awkward, big-hearted, loud, rough and tender. Jack, our serious doctor and war hero, vulnerable, an ex-party animal, no longer a surgeon who isn't sure where he fits. He fits with Tony in all ways, including the gurney with stirrups! As to the suspense or mystery, this is very lightly plotted. We know there was a murder. Pretty quickly we know who did it, and it is resolved pretty quickly based on investigation and police procedural more than action. This doesn't matter because this book is really about Tony and Jack, and the funny way they got together.

At the end, the only label this book needed was "for a good time"...just read it. Salami or not.