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Horn Gate

Horn Gate - Damon Suede

Looking for love in all the wrong places, looking for love...or just hot sex.

Though this is a short story it packs quite a punch - it is not a simple story -the plot is complicated with Judaism, Old Hebrew history and some myths thrown into the mix. The book should have included a glossary, so the readers (or maybe it was just me) wouldn't become frustrated searching for terms they have no clue about, though later on in the story you can more or less understand.

Isaac, our pudgy, acne-ridden, horny librarian goes to a sex lounge and instead of a whore finds a demon who after feeding from him, makes Isaac a gorgeous stud. Forget diets or lap-bands, find a succubus to suck those pounds away. There's a villain, an ugly, smelly villain that wants to keep our couple separated. There's a reason for that, but because Isaac is a smart librarian, and a "dreamer" he finds the key to free our "Shedim" and open the gates to heavenknowswhat.

Yeah, this book needs a sequel, or at least, I want one.

Rate: 3.5 (I would have rated higher if I wouldn't have been lost at times)