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Not Quite Shakespeare

Not Quite Shakespeare - Sarah Madison, Annabelle Jacobs, Penny Hudson, S.A. Garcia, MA Ford, Theo Fenraven, Sam Evans, Bette Browne, Becky Black Like always, this anthology was a mixed bag. Some of the stories were easy and quick to read and some were easily discarded and forgotten. Some of them were so good that I wish they could have been longer, but when you have so many authors and stories in one anthology what you get are more like vignettes than stories. What I can tell you, though, is that by the time I finished reading this anthology, I was saying, “bollocks” with an appalling accent that my children found quite amusing.

The stories that stood apart for me were:

Ninety-Nine Problems by Becky Black, competing ice cream parlors consider a merger in more ways than one.

Bread and Butter Pudding by Jules Jones, though a vignette, it was so hot and funny, it was definitely worth a read.

Wrong Number by Megan Reddaway –Cute, funny and hot. I liked it.

Wag, Not a Dog, by Theo Fenraven –virus creator meets a sexy slacker with surprisingly high morals. What Silver, could do with the action figures that Wag in his cubicle is probably illegal in most Southern States.

Jay Northcote _Hot and sexy, Morris dancers never had their sticks “polished” so well. I loved this one.